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Sustainable Home Tour - Hatchville

Learn about several homes in Falmouth designed to provide sustainable energy and food for their residents and to demonstrate solutions for a more sustainable global climate. The homes below are open for visits by the public during the hours shown. Homeowners will be available to discuss the ideas and features of each site.


1) Ark-House - Alchemy Farm, 28 Common Way, Hatchville

The Ark-House is half ecological house, half food-producing solar greenhouse.  The house is energy efficient, uses solar electricity and solar hot water, and has an advanced waterless eco-toilet.  The greenhouse is solar-heated in the winter and provides space for growing food and spring vegetable seedlings.  Outdoors nearby are chickens, eggs and vegetable gardens, fishponds and playground.


2) Owl Hill Farm, 41 Wellington Way, Hatchville

At this farm, you can learn about the transition this family has taken to generate more of their own energy, the energy efficiency upgrades they have made to a home that was never intended to be energy efficient and how and why they grow all of their own meat.  The home features solar electric systems, a large ground-mounted solar hot water system for space heating and domestic hot water & a large vegetable garden.


3) Mallinson Home, 746 Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth

This 5 year old house has many advanced energy–related features, including solar panels (5.4 kW) that produce electricity for heating (with an electrical mini-split system) and hot water (with an electric on-demand heater).   It is super-insulated, with advanced windows and a heat-recovery fresh air ventilations system.  In addition to energy for the house, the PV system also qualifies for “SRECs” payments of $3000 per year.