Jarita Davis is a writer, community mobilizer, and yarn enthusiast. She has a long history of active involvement in promoting adult literacy, teaching English as a second language, and leading poetry education programs for all ages. She has also served as a trustee on the boards of arts councils and libraries in her community.


Lauren Valle is a community herbalist, farmer, healer & painter. She was pretty busy during her college career and early twenties working as an environmental and social justice activist in New York City and around the globe. These days you are much more likely to find her digging in the dirt, making herbal medicine or running after her chickens on her Teaticket homestead.

She is the owner of Kinship Herbal and Holistic Healing, where she spends her time seeing clients and teaching classes on natural healing, herbal medicine and gardening.

Kristin Lans.jpeg

Kristen Lans is a Falmouth native who believes that Falmouth should strive to be more than "nice” - it should be a safe, welcoming, and inspiring place for all. She is a champion of the power of groups and individuals to lead change, putting participatory values into practice, and listening as a leadership skill.

Her career highlights include winning the Falmouth Enterprise Spelling Bee in 4th Grade, receiving a Sustainability award from the Environmental Protection Agency at the National Academy of Sciences, and collaborating with her colleagues at the Wikimedia Foundation to bring free open knowledge to the entire world.


Elise Hugus is a documentary producer and writer focusing on the intersection of science, art, and politics. She is proud to contribute a perspective gained from far-flung corners of the world to her hometown of Falmouth, most notably through the documentary film series Cinema Politica.

Elise is a co-founder of UnderCurrent Productions, a video production company specializing in science and nature topics. While not braving the elements in pursuit of a story or planning mischief with Engage Falmouth, Elise can be found running, biking, swimming - or doing absolutely nothing - close to the water.


Pamela is a washed-ashore who lives in Mashpee.  She is involved with her town and believes in working on many fronts for positive change. She has worked in nonprofits and fundraising for 17 years. When she’s not working in her office, her community, or with Engage Falmouth, she’s gardening, canning, reading, or trying to master a craft.


Starting with a charity volleyball tournament she organized in 8th grade, Lindsay Cohen has always had a knack for putting on community events. (The newspaper clipping still hangs, framed, in her dad’s office.) More recently, she participated in the Friend2Friend program in Boston, where she regularly mentored a special needs adult.

As the newest of the group to the Falmouth/Woods Hole community, Lindsay is loving the Cape life!  In her spare time she plays volleyball, does yoga, sees live music, attends sporting events, travels, oysters, goes fishing and boating, cooks, and spends time with family and friends. Unfortunately for her, she is also a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and holds out hope for a Lombardi trophy or Stanley Cup in her lifetime.


Misty Niemeyer has been rescuing animals since she was about 5 years old (including kittens, birds, hamsters, rabbits, dogs and even salamanders and newts), so it’s not a big surprise that she grew up to be a biologist and conservationist rescuing marine mammals for an animal welfare organization.

Partly due to her avid love of animals and nature, issues pertaining to climate change and the environment are near and dear to her heart. However, she is passionate about many things, such as women’s rights, equal rights and opportunities all, as well as party planning, outdoor anything - basically just trying new things and living life to its fullest!

Misty grew up in Southern California and is still adapting a bit to the Northeast winters even after 13 years here in Falmouth, but really loves the community here and all that Cape Cod has to offer. She's dedicated to keeping it a town we are proud to live in and continually improving it for everyone in our community and for future generations.