Candidates for Town Meeting Member: Precinct 9

Misty Niemeyer

Why are you running to be a Town Meeting member?

I moved to Falmouth almost 15 years ago from the west coast and I have come to call Falmouth "home". I feel very lucky to live here on the Cape, especially in Falmouth, and have come to understand how special of a place it is. I would like to give back to the community of Falmouth and be more involved in the local government. Government and politics can often feel daunting and frustrating that you as an individual may not be able to make a difference, however it all starts at the local level, and working locally you can have a real direct impact. I believe as a Town Meeting Member it is important to be respect of all of our fellow community members, listen to all concerns and ideas and try to work together as a community to make the best decision go forward for the entire town, however, keeping in mind that all voices may not get equally heard, and work to ensure that everyone in this amazing community is given a voice. This is exactly what I would try to do as a Town Meeting member and I look forward to the opportunity represent Precinct 9 and this community of Falmouth. Thank you for voting in your local election!

What issues in Falmouth are you most concerned about?

While I believe there are many issues that we as a town can work to improve, a few of the topics I would like to focus on would be increasing the amount of affordable housing availability, supporting local schools and teachers, protecting our environment and ensuring residents have access to safe drinking water.

What is your favorite place or activity in Falmouth?

I could write and entire book about all of the things I LOVE to do in Falmouth! A few of my favorite activities would be hiking around Long Pond on a clear but cold winter day, biking, rollerblading, running or walking along the shinning sea bike path and sunset picnics at the Knob!